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About Us

PRAKUU is a maid management and monitoring system that connects potential employers with the Local Recruitment Agencies.

Powerful, Maid Hiring System for Employers

PRAKUU system provides an end-to-end maid hiring and application process from the beginning until the maid arrive at the employers premises

PRAKUU offers an interconnectivity between the Local Recruitment Agencies and the Employers. This seamless integration will somehow helps the process of hiring a maid easier and faster.

Other PRAKUU Features:

  • Dashboard Reporting.
  • Secure Payment Gateway.
  • Paperless and Easy Cloud Storage of all Documents.
  • Maid Biodata with Video Uploading Capability.

Product Features

24x7 Availability

One of the biggest benefits offered by PRAKUU is the 24x7 availability where employers can book their prefered maid anytime and anywhere.

Archiving of Documents

All important documents can be archived in a secured cloud storage hence avoid documents missing when needed.

Maid QR Code Tracking

Both Employer and Local Recruitment Agency can track the location status of their maid starting from the source countries until the Employers premises.

Permit Renewal Alert

PRAKUU offers a renewal alert to both local Recruitment Agencies and the Employers via PRAKUU dashboard.

Secured Payment Gateway

PRAKUU provides complete coverage of payment methods which covers payment via Debit / Credit card, online transfer and FPX.

Rest assured that PRAKUU only offer a secured payment transaction for Employers to make payment to Local Recruitment Agencies.

With this payment gateway feature, Employers can make payment to the Local Recruitment Agencies using their Debit / Credit Card securely.

Value Added Service

A real-time SMS alert will be sent to Employers and Local Recruitment Agencies to notify on maid booking and payment status, Visa expiry and also Passport expiry.

Local Recruitment Agencies will also benefit from our partners of Recruitment Agencies in source countries such as from Indonesia, The Philippines and Cambodia.

PRAKUU also provides a full Customer Support Service to Employers and Local Recruitment Agencies with 24 hour response time either via Email, Whatsapp, SMS or Call.

Benefit to Local Recruitment Agencies

PRAKUU allows Local Recruitment Agencies to earn income 24 hour a week with its ability to engage with potential Employers anytime anywhere.

With the ever-ready system, PRAKUU is capable to interact with the potential Employers from the beginning of the registration stage, booking of the selected maid and up until payment stage.

Hence, less job for Local Recruitment Agencies to convert the potential Employers to become a client. PRAKUU will also alert the source contries Recruitment Agents on the maid chosen by the potential Employers for their next action.

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The most powerful tool and one of its kind in the market. Whether you are an Employer looking for a maid or a Local Recruitment Agency who wants to expand your business, we can help you.